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Central Hudson has worked hard to earn its reputation as a champion of renewable energy and a good steward of the environment. From our ranking as one of the top utilities in the nation in support of solar energy, to the substantial rebates we offer to incentivize customers and businesses to use energy more efficiently, to our efforts to protect the renowned beauty of the Hudson Valley, we are acting to preserve precious environmental resources and promote sustainability every day.

» Electric Vehicles
Get answers from Central Hudson regarding the many questions about electric vehicles including a chart that breaks down down the key differences between electric cars, plug-in hybrids and gas-electric hybrids. Use an electric vehicle calculator to compare your vehicle's cost and emissions levels to those of an electric car. And submit a form to let us know if you might purchase an electric vehicle in the foreseeable future.

» Central Hudson Holds 4th Annual Solar Energy Summit
See photos and an overview of the event which attracted more than 70 solar industry professionals.

» Green Power and what Central Hudson Does to Support it
How the energy market works and green power options available to Central Hudson customers.

» Options for Customers to Purchase Green Power
How you can opt to use your energy dollars to support renewable energy production.

» Environmental Disclosure Labels
Fuel source and emissions information.

» Our Environmental Sustainability Report
A detailed analysis of our commitment to the environment and other sustainability initiatives.

» Energy Efficient Commercial Lighting Program
Learn how businesses, non-profit agencies and public buildings can upgrade to energy efficient lighting with no money up front.

» Energy Conservation
Resources to help you become more energy efficient.

» Environmental Responsibility
How Central Hudson protects the environment.

» Distributed Generation
Information on Net Metering, home solar installations and more.

» Guide for Students: Climate Change in the Hudson Valley
A Central Hudson-sponsored guide about global warming for students in Grades 6-8.

» CFL Light Bulbs
Information on the safe use, handling and disposal of energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.


» SavingsCentral

SavingsCentral is Central Hudson's energy efficiency information and rebate hub. Visit this site to take advantage of offers that can put hundreds of dollars in your pocket each time you make a move to go green.


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