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Cold weather can cause increased energy usage, which may potentially result in higher supply prices and in turn higher energy bills. Unlike Central Hudson's delivery rates, free market energy supply prices often rise and fall in step with customer demand. Central Hudson and other delivery utilities do not dictate energy supply prices, nor do we profit from them. The supply portion of our customers' bill payment is paid to the companies that operate the power plants where your electricity is produced.

Here are some options to help you guard against the possibility of higher-than-usual energy bills:

Fixed-Rate Options

At Central Hudson, we’ve taken additional steps to help manage the unpredictability of electricity and gas supply prices during winter months when weather and other factors may significantly impact wholesale market prices. But if you prefer greater price certainty for electricity or natural gas supply, research the many fixed price and other alternative supply offerings available from the numerous qualified Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) that offer such options. You may find a list of all ESCOs on our website, or the New York State Power to Choose website. While fixed price options may not necessarily result in the lowest given supply price during any season, they can provide the peace of mind that helps to better manage your household budget.

Budget Billing

If you would like a consistent, predictable, monthly energy bill that is free of fluctuations caused by weather extremes, our Budget Billing program may be right for you. Budget Billing spreads your electric and natural gas bill payments evenly over 12 months (rather than our usual every-other-month billing plan.) Your monthly budget payments will be uniform for 11 months and estimated based on your usage history. The bill for the 12th month will include a plus-or-minus adjustment to reflect your actual usage and energy charges incurred throughout the year.

To enroll in Budget Billing, click here or call us at 845-452-2700.

Payment Assistance Programs

We offer an option to apply for deferred payment agreements so customers who have fallen behind on bills can get caught up. Additionally, our Powerful Opportunities Program, Good Neighbor Fund and public assistance programs such as HEAP are also available to assist income-eligible customers. You can learn about these options and programs on the Payment Assistance page of our website.