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Now, you can choose your electricity and natural gas supplier.

As a result of deregulation in New York, you have the option to choose who will be your energy supplier. But regardless who you purchase your supply of energy from, Central Hudson will be your regulated energy delivery company in the Hudson Valley region.

Winter weather is headed our way -- and with it comes the colder temperatures that increase energy usage, leading to the potential for higher supply prices and energy bills, as occurred throughout the Northeast last winter. At Central Hudson, we’ve taken additional steps to help manage the unpredictability of electricity and gas supply prices during winter months when weather and other factors may significantly impact wholesale market prices. But if you prefer greater price certainty for electricity or natural gas supply, research the many fixed price and other alternative supply offerings available from the numerous qualified Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) that offer such options. You may find a list of all ESCOs on our website, or the New York State Power to Choose website. While fixed price options may not necessarily result in the lowest given supply price during any season, they can provide the peace of mind that helps to better manage your household budget.

» How It Works
Learn how customer energy choice works.

» How to Choose
Information about Central Hudson's Customer Energy Choice Programs.

» Gas & Electric Supply Charges
Central Hudson's actual, historical supply charges for electricity and natural gas, to help you compare and evaluate offers from other suppliers.

» Energy Suppliers
Find other suppliers of electricity and natural gas.

» Green Power
Learn how you can "go green" with Central Hudson.

» Market Match (Have a Supplier Contact You)
Central Hudson supports your right to choose your energy supplier, and we'll help you obtain information to make an informed choice. Simply fill in the blanks on this form. We'll provide this information to qualified, competitive, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) who are interested in earning your business.

» For Energy Suppliers
Use The Information Center for Retail Suppliers to obtain online up-to-date information regarding your participation as an energy supplier in Central Hudson's Retail Access Programs.