May 26, 2005
For Release:


  Denise D. VanBuren,
Speakers Available on Electric and Natural Gas Customer Choice Programs

Mid-Hudson Valley residents and businesses have the option of choosing from among independent marketers who provide electricity and natural gas supply. To help their customers better understand the opportunities and options available through the deregulated energy industry, speakers from Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation are available to present information about the utility's "Customer Choice" program at meetings of local community groups and business organizations.

“We want to ensure that all of our customers understand what Customer Choice is, what the program has to offer, and to be aware of their alternatives so that they feel comfortable in investigating their energy options,” said James T. VanTassell, Director of Retail Access Programs at Central Hudson. “The list of independent energy marketers has grown, so there are more opportunities than ever for our customers to shop for their energy supply. Central Hudson supports our customers' ability to choose their energy supplier, and our goal is to make that process as comfortable and simple as possible.”

To arrange for a speaker, contact VanTassell at, or call (845) 486-5857.

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